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Flyers/Announcements of the 2015 Bruxism Congress


To gone on with preparation we would kindly ask you for the following inforamtion:

Could you please send us to you your estimated travel schedule to Munich/Germany, so we can take care of accomodation and transportation.

Please provide an abstract of your lecture (the primary titles are listed on the Flyer) and a CV including a photo of yourself so we can inaugruate the congress brochure.

As the conference will provide simultaneous translation our interpretor-/translation-staff needs perfect preparation; therefore it would be great if you could provide a .pdf-copy of your intended lecture (of course I know it will not be finished by now; we are fully satisfied with a rough draft right now; the final version can be provided until 2 weeks before the conference). It would be great to have this by the beginning of December.

For your feed back on receiving this message I will be thankful.

Sincerely, M.Greven

Подробнее о конгрессе: Flyers Bruxism 2015 (DE) pdf, 1,53 MB и Flyers Bruxism 2015 (ENG) pdf, 1,53 MB

Место проведения:  Munich

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